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    February 18, 2011


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    I'm not an NY Times subscriber and therefore I won't comment on Krugman's column, but the Tamny article seems loosely based on the linked Krugman piece.

    Rather than asserting that the hard dollar movement is motivated by racism, Krugman notes that Ron Paul is a "marginal figure" politically, and that the Republican party is not a neo-secessionist group. Krugman also does not compare Ryan Paul to secessionism, but rather compares his testimony to that of DiLorenzo's for the political weight granted to unqualified--per Krugman's rhetoric--opinions.

    Also, please note that the words race, racism, and bigotry do not appear in the article, nor are they inferable from the information presented. It seems to be entirely a red herring created by Tamny.

    Some of my funds are managed by Sprott Canadian Equity and I am not a particular fan of any recent fiscal leadership (including the overrated Clinton era). However, the Tamny article represents the worst of modern opinion writing. Red herrings and catchy phrases do not substitute for real analysis. "Writers" shouldn't be praised for inferring race-baiting from the use of the term Antebellum!

    Makes me grumpy.

    @Al: Sorry, but at the risk of you remaining grumpy, we'll just have to agree to disagree about Krugman's column. I do think Krugman plays the race card, and as such I stand by linking to Tamny's piece. People can read both and make up their own minds.

    Also, I'd suggest people read Thomas DiLorenzo's piece about the lies thrown at him in testifying before the committee. ( has it.)

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